Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Ok folks, time to come clean with the impending change I've eluded to.

For the past few months we've been wrought with deciding what to do about where to live.  The taxes here in France are crippling.  No wonder the French overall don't strive to work harder and make more. The more they make the more the Gov takes.  It's the Social charges that kill you.  You can bring down your income tax with deductions like America, but the social charges don't change, about 35% of your gross in addition to your income tax. So no matter how low you get your Income Tax to be you still pay Social charges on the gross as well.  Whew!!

We've thought long and hard, did many spread sheets of number crunching and comparisons, and have decided to go live in the land of expensive cars, and, much to E's excitement, a land with a real Princess....Monaco.  Better public schools, LOW crime, very clean, still on the water's edge, and it's a small city so we hope it'll have a nice "community" feel to it.

Now to the list of what we need to do for Monaco.....

Get an apartment.  (At a price we can afford! Tough for Monaco!)
Set up the business.
Get a bank account.
Get resident Cards.
Sign up kids for schools.
Move in.

Sound easy enough.........stay tuned!

A few pics of an afternoon we spent in Monaco hanging around the Casino and Hotel de Paris..

I may have to upgrade my wardrobe. ;)
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