Monday, May 20, 2013

Green Adventures 4...

I think we're on number four, it's been so long since we went on a Green Adventure I've forgotten what number we're on.

Today was another one of the many bank holidays in May and since it wasn't raining, yeah, we went on a nature walk.  It started in the heart of Beaulieu, went straight up through the "jungle", into the countryside and then back down to the port.  Just steps out of a village and you're in the wilderness or the country.  So pretty.  But since the towns around here sit against a big mountainous hill, most hikes go UP.

Here's our journey...

Starts in town...

the climb begins...

up, up, up...

the views are always great...

and what goes up must come down...

and down, and down, and down.

And for all our hard work, we had dinner and yummy desserts in the Beaulieu Port.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Days Fly By...

Wow, it always amazes me how fast time goes by nowadays.  Lately we've been getting LOTS of rain so when the sun is out we try to enjoy it just a bit.  Here's a little of what we've been spending our time doing here in Monaco.

The kids have started tennis four years old E is pretty focused, and I was surprised to see how T has improved since lessons in the US!

Grandpa and I have taken up golf lessons at a course in Nice.  After our lessons we have a lovely lunch together.  It's just a 9 hole par three course to get us started, but the little club is lovely and inexpensive to play, and it makes for a nice afternoon out.

I think I'm partial to golf for the manicured lawns and landscaping. :)

The medical system here is GREAT!!!

T's first stitches.  Seems the boys on the playgound
were battling and the only one "not" swinging got hurt.
Emergency room visit = 1.5 hours and 55 euros.  Love it!!

Ahhhh, the park...

The plants are all in full bloom in Parc Antoinette.

T's class out in the park learning about plants.

Where I like to have a coffee (or wine) after school while the kids play.  So lovely!
The view from the cafe in the park.  That's the palace way in the distance left of the pointy tree.

The Grand Prix is next week and all month now they've been setting up for it.  The blockades for the roads and the stands are set up all around the course through downtown.  This is in the Port area.

At the bus's a little like living in a jail.
Running the course. :)

Last night we had a date night and went to an end of the school year Ballet show for the L'Academie Princess Grace.  It was in a small Opera theater in the Casino, Salle Garnier.  Soooo pretty!

This is in the foyer of the Casino building.  Through that door is the Casino.
Inside the theater.  It only seats about 500 people.
Must be the Royal Family's seat.
Very interestingly, the majority of students were Japanese.
E is also practing for a show in June for her ballet class.  She's going to be a mouse.  Will have pics to share... :)

Well, that's all for now.  But, I'll be back soon!
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