Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Land...

Over my birthday weekend we went to Nuremburg Germany to visit one of the more famous Christmas Markets. It was really lovely and filled with the spirit of the holidays.  I'm sure the gluhwein (mulled wine) helped that spirit along.

Here's a photo tour of the trip....

The diehard Germans still sit outside for coffee.  Blankets provided for the weak. :)

Entering the Market.

One of the many beautiful churches.  No matter what affiliation, or
none, you have to admire the beauty. 

The children's market area was super cute with rides and stalls for the kids.

The Christmas Queen walked around giving blessings to the stalls and the
kids all follow her.
E was enamoured by her. :)  She's in a big fairies and princesses phase!
Built the first and maybe only snowman of the season.
The next day the snow and the man were all gone, apparently
Santa called on Mr Snow(man) for some help.
Our hotel was right in the old town and just three blocks from the market and across the street from Starbucks. :)
And on our street were great shopping opportunities...Hermes anyone?  Next time.

I believe this bridge is called "The Hangman's Bridge".  Ummm

More lovely church insides.  For a little tiny old town it has lots of
old beautiful churches.
We went on a ride through the old town.  G-Pa and I safely out of the cold in back.

A warm-up break,  One of them...

 We ate lots of sausages and drank lots of gluhwein, bought lots of new ornaments and sweets to bring home, and enjoyed the spirit of the German people.  We had such a lovely time we didn't even mind the cold!  If you get the chance, make the trip!  And stay in a hotel within the walls of the old town if you can.  Makes it all within easy walking distance.

Happy Holidays!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa's Comin' to Town...

Well, it's been an inspiring week and all the fun and festivities has really put us all in the holiday spirit!

The kids made Zucchini-Carrot muffins for a charity event, they wrote their letters to Santa and dropped them in the mail, the Christmas Fair opened, we decorated the tree, and Santa delivered us our pre-Christmas box of yummies from Harrods.

Their muffins for sale for the charity event.

After the charity event we headed to the park to write letters to Santa...

They wrote what they wanted and glued pictures from
magazines on their Santa letter.

Santa's mailbox.  

Every year there's a Christmas Market Fun Fair with rides and food...

A nite-time ferris wheel ride gives a nice view of the Fair...
In the summer the skating rink is a pool.

The theme this year was "The Voyage of Santa" as he travels across the world, this wall being Mexico. :)

Then for a little tree decorating...

Daddy did a little repair work on the star the kids made last year...

And then a little delivery....

Thanks Santa, mince pies for everyone!

Wait, is that J I see?  Maybe a little last minute pressie shopping??
A girl can dream.
All ready for Santa.  Next week we head to Nuremburg, Germany for the Christmas Market.  Keep posted for the pics!
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