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Follow the kids, and the dog, as they experience living life as expats...

Before we left for France again we had to have Charlie checked out by a certified vet for a Medical Certificate, also known as the Pet Passport, so he could travel.  At the appointment the vet pointed out that he REALLY needed his teeth cleaned.  So, once we got here...(read more)
July 10, 2011

Taylor was all keen to try his first escargot tonight at dinner.  Although I would have loved it if he loved it, the only reply was, "Hmmm, chewy." Thankfully that was followed by swollowing rather than him jetting it out of his mouth.  Emm on the other hand when asked if she wanted to try them, simply said, "No."  But she was all for using the little clampers to help mommy grab one.
June 29th, 2011

Emmerson of course is just fine.  Don't know if she even realizes the difference.  She goes to her little Thursday and Friday morning classes at Le Kids Club.  She's always been a very independent and courageous child.  She'll climb that ladder or jump in that ocean.
As far as language, she says her Merci's and Au revior's, and is starting to learn more words everyday.  She'll be correcting me soon!
June 25, 2011

The other day as we were driving back from a day of fun in Italy, T says he wants to go back to NYC.  I ask why.  He says, coz his friends are there and he misses his friends.  I say, but aren't you making new friends here?  He says, but my friends in NYC speak English and I can talk to them.  Big ball welling inside me now.  I certainly have a fear that this move and language challenge will make him fell less confident and thus make him become inverted and angry.  He's always been such a happy and extroverted kid.  I hope that he stays strong, and positive.
June 25, 2011

Today I went with Taylor's class on their field trip to the Pitchoun Forest in Villeneuve Loubet, just outside of Nice.  This place is so fun!  They have three different parks, all having to do with the outdoors like...(read more)
June 20, 2011

our little Charlie
Dogs have it good here in France cause the French LOVE their dogs.  I was at a nice restaurant the other night, a favorite of Elton John's so it's can't be too shabby, and sitting amongst the guests was a lovely older lady dining with her favorite companion.  Yep, her dog, who was sitting in a chair eating from his bowl which was sitting smack on the table.  The kicker is, children aren't allowed...(read more)
February 2, 2011

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