Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our New Pad....

A week in review of sorts for you....

Last week was all about moving.  You'd think moving into a furnished place would be easy!  Nooooo, especially not when it's been empty for months.  I spent the first day just cleaning out the kitchen cupboards of old food that had hatched moths who ended up taking residence in the entire apartment.  Anyway, after days of cleaning and finally bringing over the 19 boxes we sent across the ocean, we're in, unpacking, and LOVING it!!

We started the move-in Monday, had T's birthday on Wednesday, celebrated Bastille Day with fireworks on Thursday, seen perfectly from our house, finished unpacking boxes over the weekend and are now relaxing on the balcony watching the boats come and go.

Here's a little video for your enjoyment. :)  You can look at the photos again...(here)

Haha, you'd think Youtube would pick a better thumbnail than what looks like a jail cell! :)

The La Reserve used to be a beautiful restaurant all the way back in the early 1900s.  Here is a newspaper pic of what it looked like.  There's still a restaurant here that looks quite fabulous and I look very forward to checking it out! :)

Our building in 1900
Our building now.  We're the whole top floor on this side!!
Kids use the old boat frame to jump off into the water. CRAZY!!

And lastly a couple pics of T's birthday...

Waking up to the Birthday fairy's delivery
He was sooo wanting a scooter

FINALLY, I'm 5!!
If you're jealous, then buy a ticket and come out! :)  But first, sign up to follow the adventure-it's cheaper!!

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  1. I LOVED that post. It was SO much fun to read and to WATCH!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a freaking great new house!! SAVE ME A SPOT!!!


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