Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An English Christmas...

After enjoying a little of Monaco's Christmas fair, we headed off to London to spend Christmas there. The brother in law and his clan were in from Australia so we thought we should take the opportunity to see them.

It's funny for me sometimes.  Growing up in America, people came in from another state just next door, or a few came over for the holidays.  Here, we come over from another country.  Sometimes the trip is the same distance as the states, but with different languages and customs and time zones.  Anyway....

Here's the show...

Monaco's annual Christmas Village/Fair...

Kids in bubbles, love it.

E got to do a little craft project with an elf.
T got a little nervous up so high on the Ferris wheel.

But some cotton candy helped.
Ah, I feel better too.
It's not a Fair without a band of instrument wielding Santas.
Or hugging penguins.

Next...Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London.  Now that's a Christmas Fair!!  Food, gifts stalls, rides, shows, you can spend days here and never tire of it.

T's really gotten into the shooting games.  Not a bad shot actually!
Takes after his American Grandpa. :)
This one is T and I in the front carriage.  Wow! quite a coaster.
Both of us had jelly legs afterward.
Now it's a slightly, and I mean slightly, smaller one for E.
That's us, front of the car again.  And once again, jelly legs!!
Being in such a small car with no real sides it was a bit scary.
I was surprised E was considered big enough.  And actually, she wanted
to go again.  That's my girl!

Now off to Harrods...

Entrance to the toy department...
Lego Santa. 

Perfume anyone??  Geez, it feels like I'm on Canal Street NYC,
not Harrods.
Ahhhhh, handbags.  Nuf said.  Moving on now.
Had to get one phone box pic in...

A little ice skating at the Natural History Museum...

Now for cousin time...
Stairs can be so much fun!

Merry Christmas...(Santa always knows where you are)

That crazy Santa put a tiny orange in my stocking!
Oooh, stinky stickers.

Boys and trains...
...girls and princesses.

A little walk by the American Embassy just before Christmas dinner at Maze, one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants.

We even took in a little show, one of our favorite books...Stick Man.  I recommend it highly, you listening Oprah? :)

It was a super fun week and it's always nice to get our fill of Englishness.  (yes, I'm quite sure it's a word...)

And look at that, Santa even stopped by our Monaco place to drop off the big pressies....

And look who's already mastering their bikes...

Until next year......  Lists are already under way!
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