Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Snow Land Year 2...

There's one thing I love about the French school system....vacations!  Every 6 weeks the kids get two weeks holiday.  So, winter vacation in February was a return to Austria and Snow Land for a second go at skiing.

We decided to drive this year and stopped in Italy at Lake Garda both going there and coming home.

A quick breakfast and we were back on the road...lovely scenery...

Well, Snow Land it certainly wasn't this year.  We arrived in Austria for our second year at the Sporthotel in Achensee, Austria, to a land of green, not white.  Thank goodness for snow making machines!!  The slopes were covered nicely so the skiing carried on.

The road heading to our hotel.  Where's the snow?  Hard to have a snow vacation without it!
The entrance to the slopes, only a thin layer of snow.

This year E actually enjoyed learning to ski and after a day on the bunny hill, her group got to go up to Snow Land on the mountain.

First try....
Getting better... 
Got it!

 The morning starts with a little warm up dance and then up we go to the mountain...

T had the same teacher last year, Andrea's the best! :)
A little snowman hanging on to the last bit of snow he can.
Someone made him an umbrella to help him out.

This section is Snow Land for the kids to work without
interference and where the competitions happen.

E is in pink working the moguls.
View from the top....

View from below.  I did that!  Whew!

  The lack of snow on the ground actually made it easier for Grandpa and J to do their walks.

At the end of the week, T, E, and I all had ski competitions.  The kids did wonderfully, T took second place again and E took third.  I came home with a prize as well...a mini bottle of champagne for coming in dead last. :)  Hey, if I get champagne for coming in last, why come in first??

Thankfully on competition day we woke to fresh snow.

A little practice...

T's course had a jump option.  He and only one other in his
group chose to try it...
Well done T!!

All packed up and ready to head back...Bye Austria, til next year.

We stopped on the other side of Lake Garda, Italy, on the way home.  

We've taken to the practice of always having pens, markers, and paper
when we head out.  Comes in handy and gives the kids some quiet
focused time.  Also allows us adults to enjoy our wine. :)

And there you have it.

The Austrians are such lovely people, the food is super yummy, and they make some great wine; it actually makes us consider moving there.  Although the cold is definitely a deterrent. :)  Both the kids actually came up to me after an evening in the kid's club and told me they wanted to go to German school now.  Hmmmmmmmmmm.

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