Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back to the Homeland...

Back to the homelands for a little fun in the sun.  A week on the island of Kos in Greece.  But not without a visit to Athens...

You may not know this about me, but I'm a quarter Greek.  Yes, true.  So, many a year ago, my lovely husband, boyfriend back then, took me to Athens so I could connect with my "roots."  Well, I loved Athens, more precisely the Old Town and it's many ancient buildings or pieces of and the fabulous food in the Plaka.

So, like last year we met with two other families and had some fun in the sun together.  I like this new ritual!

Hello Athens...

No vacation is complete without a selfie!!
And off to the island of Kos...

The Imperial Hotel.

So, as it was, you had to wear pants to dinner.  As we were on an island vacation, we didn't pack any for J.  So, he got some snazzy new ones at the resort's shop. Looks like he feels real good in them!

And as it happened last year, T's birthday was during the holiday.  Once again the resort did us well.  Happy 8th B-Day my super cool young man!!


Some pool fun...

Woohoo, water sports!

He looks like a right ole California boy!
Back at the pool, J led the way as first class Aqua Gym helper.

Even the kiddies got involved.
And were rewarded well with an ice cream break.
After a couple of Pina Coladas on our afternoon Pina break. Ahhh,
vacations are great! :)

And we put our under-water camera to work.  I sure do love underwater pics!!

Some evening entertainment...of course James got in on the fun.  Can't miss those white pants anywhere!

 A little Greek dance lesson...

Art at the Kid's Club...

And the ringing of the dinner bell.  Yummmmmm!

Such a super group of kids.  It's cool to think how they live all over the world,
but are making such a close bond.  We've got Monaco, Moscow, and India locations accounted
for here with English, American, Serbian, and Greek nationalities!

They look like sisters!  And because of this little pistol, I was asked by
my kids if we could have another baby!
Emmy made lots of new friends...

Yep E, I think it's a thumbs up for Greece!! 

See you again next year!!

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