Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Carnaval de Nice #2

The Carnaval is such a fun event that all of Nice gets involved.  The Patisseries make special cakes, stores decorate like it's a holiday, and the kids wear costumes to the events.  At the parades people throw confetti and the kids spray silly string and everyone has a good time.

We went to the floats parade today and all I can say is...WOW.  Taylor, Emmerson, and I sat in the stands in awe as each float rode by us thinking the next one couldn't be better than this one.  Here's a short video and a bucket load of pics so you can see for yourself....      

The theme was a tribute to the history of the Mediterranean with a special nod to their neighbor Italy.

Ready for the fun!
The King's float, "Nice, the capital of the Mediterranean"
The Queen's float, "Nice, the pearl of the Mediterranean"
"Children of the She-wolf"
"Cleopatra runs the show"
"The Six Queens"
"Song of the Mermaids"

"Flying Scorpion Fish"
"The Modern tourist" 
The jolly Italians, gotta love 'em
"La Dolce Vita"
"Fellini, King of Rimini" (one made by the USA)

"Don Corleone, the Sicilian Godfather"
"King of Greek Loans" 1 of 3 pics-this is a big one based on mythology (another one of USA's floats)
"King of Greek Loans" 2 of 3 (USA)
"King of greek Loans" 3 of 3 pics (USA)
"Bulls of Picasso" (and another one of USA's floats)
These walk in front of the Picasso float
I almost wore the same costume!
"Balloons Released for Peace"
"Cousteau in the Spotlight"
This is a far as I got before T pulled me away to go home.  After 2 hours he was TIRED! :)  

The great thing is that they do the parades several times throughout the three weeks so you can choose which day works best for your schedule and return if you couldn't stay the whole time. :)  Also keeps the crowds from being too crazy.

If you plan a trip to Nice, during CARNAVAL would be a great time to come! ...and plane tickets are usually low this time of year. :) 

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