Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tapas and Flamenco Dancers...

Ahhh, a week in Madrid.  We ate lots of tapas, drank lots of Rioja wine (YUMMY), walked all over the city and took in an Operetta.  Over all I'd say it was a very successful adventure.

We were very clever parents on this trip and spent a fortune on having a babysitter from the hotel stay with the kids every night.  They loved her and it was well worth it!  Thank you Maria!!  We got to have that sooo important "adult time" and see what Madrid looked like at night.  One night we took full advantage...we saw a Zarzuella Operetta (my first and definitely NOT my last) and then had champagne at the Palace Hotel.  I felt so cultured. :)  

The capital of Spain is really beautiful with all it's old architecture, lovely roundabouts, parks, fountains, and nice people....

Have to say I was a wee bit worried when we landed with this weather.
But the next day the sun came out to stay!

The Botanical Garden is really nice to walk through and even has a mystery game to follow with questions and clues throughout the park.  Keeps the little ones interested and involved while the adults can relax on a nice walk.
This is called the "Gateway to Europe".  :)
There are lots of small old streets with shops and cafes off different plazas in the center of the city.
The popular Plaza Major.
The interior of a small restaurant in the Plaza Mayor.

Don't really know what this green wall is all about, but thought it was pretty cool!

Just turn left off this main boulevard and you get into all the
Plaza Squares and smaller, more intimate streets.
The Royal Palace.  
Lounging across from the Palace.


The Palace Cathedral, right next door to the Palace.
The only Flamenco dancers, besides a couple in the Operetta, we saw in Spain. :)
This is the park across the street from the Royal Palace.

The old architecture is just amazing, and then you'll run into a
fun modern design, like the multicolred building's pic below.
If you go to Madrid, you MUST visit the Museo del Jamon! 
I've never seen so much cured ham!!!!  There is even a tapas style bar to
sit and have a beer and some ham.
Just our luck, we ran into ANOTHER Chocolate Festival!

An indoor food market that is a must see, Mercado de San Miguel, that sells tapas and fresh produce.  
You can eat the tapas right there at standing room only tables in the center or take them home...
Looks pretty popular!!

Their version of Central Park, El Retiro Park, super pretty.....

The hotel's lobby...
Our elevator had these cool infinity mirrors.  We had lots of fun with that.
Ahhhhh, my Starbucks, :)

Not sure exactly what the Casa America is, but it has a super fun entrance to the cafe! 
We'll have to check it out on our next trip.

It's a big city with lots to see and yet it still feels very relaxed.  I still ran into a language barrier, but the Spaniards are a bit easier going about it. :)  I'm told Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn, so it's next on my list.

A big thumbs up!!


  1. Your hair is getting so long! Your babies are getting so BIG! I can't believe this is your life. AMAZING! So glad you're doing it.

  2. Awww, thanks Kage. Yes, I can't believe it when I go to put clothes on the kids that used to be super long and now they're just right. And the hair....I'm just too afraid to go to get it cut at the hairdressers. I fear what I may come out looking like when my language skills aren't so great. :) I braved asking for bangs and that's about all I can muster so far!


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