Monday, April 16, 2012

Zen, Monet and a few carrots...

Hi folks!  I just had a few minutes and thought I'd fill you in on a few moments in our life that I didn't write about yet.  Do a little catch up on the Nice goings on.

I got the lovely chance to work again in February, yes, I'm really behind, and this time it was for the kind of store I LOVE!!, Leroy Merlin.  It's like our Home Depot.  I can get lost in those shops and not be seen for days.  My husband has to send in a search party and they usually find me somewhere between the power tools and the bits and bobbles.  I should have been a construction worker. was a super short shoot, 3 hours, at Le Manor de L'Etang, a chateau that Monet lived in once upon a time.  It's just outside of Nice and is now a small hotel with a lovely view of the countryside.

There's actually snow on the ground!

One of the sets, not mine.  This only required feet
and for those who know me, I don't have the prettiest. :)

The set up was in the gardens of me walking through my "Zen" garden all happy sipping my coffee and of me sitting all Zen in my yard meditating.  I was waiting to find the pics so I could add them, but I haven't.  But when I do, I'll post them.  If they're good that is.

Next, my lovely husband decided for Valentine's Day we would spend the weekend in the next town at a lovely spa.  We left the kids with our trusted kid-sitter and went from La Reserve in Nice to.....La Reserve in Beaulieu. :)

Who could be stressed with that view?!?!
If it's good enough for Clark.
Beaulieu's port.  We ate here each night.
Ahhhhh, heated pool. 
Emm got her second hair cut.  Her hair is taking it's sweet time, but I have to say it's better than fighting the daily brushing if she had lots of it.  But she wears her cropped do quite well.  

Walking back down the hill from the grocery store this is my view of my house and the port.  I love living here, it's so pretty.  Now, if I could just put up with some of the French differences!  That's another post...

Then Easter came.....James had to spend a week in NYC for a job and returned on Easter Sunday.  These are the baskets the bunny left for the kids, super cute, and that's the table full of all the Target goods. I miss Target!!  And lastly, rather than just chocolates, the Easter bunny left me some carrots, I mean carats.  Thanks Easter Bunny!  You really know how to get to a girl's heart!

We went to an Easter Egg hunt at Parc Phoenix, an educational park here with animals and fish and outdoor learning stuff, where they made a hunt for the older kids and they also had the kids learn to pot a plant.  Later in the day we went to a friend's pizza party and egg hunt.  Needless to say those small baskets the bunny left were now over flowing with additions.  

Their prize for finding all the clues.

On to the pizza party/egg hunt....Besides the great international mix of friends, we love going to the pizza party house because it has this huge yard and pool and the first thing the kids do is run.  It makes us think of moving to the suburbs.  Only thinking at the moment. :)

They have an outdoor pizza oven so we make our own pizzas. T's masterpeice. 
On the hunt....
Our Easter cake.  They do fun cakes here.
And for the finale, we hung out on a Sunday afternoon with our Portland expats at a super park here, Castel de deux Rois.

So there you go.  I think I've got you up to speed on things.  Next post will be all about the new things coming....the suspense is almost over. :)

Thanks for haning in there.

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