Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This past weekend the family went to Paris for my birthday present.  And, in Paris was my Christmas present. Oh I do love this season. :)  Having my birthday near Christmas makes for a month full of pressies and celebrating.

We flew out Saturday from Nice and came back Tuesday.  Just enough time to introduce the kids to Paris and remind me how much I love this city!  Although, it wasn't really enough time to do everything, so we'll just have to return in a coupe months.  It's great that Paris, as well as London, are just short little hops.  We also made sure we got a babysitter each night so the adults could have adult time.

Here's a photo tour of our Parisian trip...

Saturday: We flew in, settled, and then wrestled the crowds for a peek at Galeries Lafayette's windows.

The windows weren't as "Christmas cuddly" as I'm used to.

My new Lancel bucket bag in the DaliGramme style.  Love it!
Monday:  J had to work so the kids and I went out sight seeing together....we had a super time despite the weather.

It's hard to see them, but little birds are flying around and eating from their hands.

A little Nutella crepe break.
The Louvre.
A peek into the statue garden from a passageway outside.
Jardin des Tuileries.  The ferris wheel on the other end is the start of the Champs-Elysees.
A little boating stop in the jardin.

A rainy ride on the big ferris wheel before heading back to warm up.

Tuesday:  Can't go to a major city without grabbing a Starbucks! 

Enjoying my coffee on the cab ride to the airport.

Only in France can you enjoy a little caviar while waiting for your flight!
Now, I'd be living in Paris if I could stand the cold.  But growing up with winters and toughing it out for more than a couple decades, I've grown up enough to know I don't have to freeze through another bad winter.  And J, who grew up in London, feels exactly the same.  Sorry Paris, you'll just have to be my mistress to the warmer and sunnier Nice.  Even though your shopping options are MUCH better.

Never fear my love, J and I plan on returning very soon!!

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