Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's Up Monaco...

Hello everyone.  It's been AGES since I last wrote.  But I've been busy with a little project.


I created an on-line show about what to do in and around Monaco for families and kids.  When I moved here, I had the hardest time deciphering the signs or simply finding what to do with the kids and always wished someone had put it together for me.  In English.  So I could navigate my way.

Well, I decided to put my own talents to work and not wait anymore.

You can view the videos on Facebook @ "What's Up Monaco" or check out the website...


I'm still working on parts of the website and eventually the site will be simply... www.whatsupmonaco.com

But, one thing checked off the list at a time.  I'm still trying to decipher information for the next show!  Two major problems with the "French Way", no info given unless asked specifically for it.  Seriously, there are signs for events going on without the time, place, fee, you name it!  And there isn't just one place to go to see all the events going on in town.  Geez, how's anyone supposed to get along around here?

Anyway, here it is.  Hope you like it!

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