Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Green Adventures 2...

So, to continue our quest for more green in our lives, we spent Sunday on an Island off Cannes called St Honorat, the sister island to St Margarite which is right next to it.

No cars are allowed on the island so you can only get there by boat and then you explore by foot.  It's about a mile long and maybe a half mile wide and belongs to Monks.  They've owned it for like 500 years.  They, about 20-25 of them, live on the island in their big beautful Abbey and make lots of wine and liquors to sell.  My kind of Monks.  They make a few other things, but I don't see them as being quite as important. :)

The island is all rustic and natural and makes for a really lovely day of walking, playing in the water, or just having a picnic.  There's a restaurant and a snack shop if you don't want to picnic.  You take a ferry from the port of Cannes and in about 20 minutes you're there....

Leaving Cannes.

Being welcomed onto the island by a Monk.

Wine vines.

The Abbey.  You can actually stay there from what I understand.
I'm sure there are lots of rules about it. :)
Some lovely lavender, probably used in their soaps, outside the Abbey.
They have a store there under the arches where they sell lots of great things they make.
I got a small bottle of Mandadrin liquor, will let you know how it tastes.
Inside a 13th century castle ruins on the island.

On top of the castle.
The views from the top of the castle.

Some one made a cool sculpture.

All worn out and waiting for the ferry back. :)
This is definitely on our list for a return visit.  We can even bring Charlie!!

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