Friday, June 1, 2012

Planes, Train and Automobiles...

Wow, has a month really gone by already??!?!!  Lots has been happening for the move as well as for the mental well-being of the family. :)

First, we found an apartment.  After much searching we found an apartment through the Aunt of a friend of J's.  Super!  No realtor fees and it's large enough and not budget busting.  Now, it just needs some work and we can move in.  Tick, tick, tick.  Not sure when that date will be, but hopefully before the kids start school.  With the speed at which things happen here in the So. of France, all I can say at the moment is.... Hmmmmmm.

The before pics....

Certainly not La Reserve, but it does have some pluses.  For instance a big inner courtyard for the kids to run loose, that is until the neighbors pitch a fit. After pics to come later. :)

Second, with lease in hand, T and E visited their new schools in Monaco for next year and we dropped off all the paperwork needed.  Well, almost, residency cards still to come.

Third, J and I then headed to the Police Station to apply for his Resident Card and to get finger prints to send to the FBI for criminal background checks.  Sure hope those don't come back with any surprises.  Like when you apply to buy a house and find a pesky medical collection you had no idea about.  Fingers crossed.

 It's amazing in Monaco. No lines for anything and people are all too happy to help.  A far cry from the town 20 kilometers away I'm currently in.  I think I'm gonna like it here.

Fourth, I said a lot has happened, I took off for a quick drop into NYC to apply for my long stay visa, a requirement for me to get my Monaco Resident Card.  Funny, I had to fly all the way to NYC to drop off papers that will fly all the way back here to a town 20 kilometers from where I sit to get approved, then sent all the way back to NYC where I will also fly all the way back to just to pick up the visa.  Can't I just drive the 20 minutes to Monaco and do this all the easy way????  Apparently not.

After running through Heathrow, through security and from one end to the other to make my connection in 15 minutes, I had the longest gate walk on record to my plane.  A chance to catch my breath!

Cool pic in the subway showing the typical mix of subway passengers. 
I take the beach with me... beach in Jersey City looking at Manhattan.
I worked here as a beer and shots girl who also shucked clams and oysters for the customers in 1992!

While I was away the family took the opportunity to see the old fashioned car race in Monaco. Super fun it looked like!

Lastly, I landed back in Nice to sleep a night and then board a plane with the family to go visit our German friends in Fischbach, Germany, on the coast of Lake Constance (Bodensee).  They're off to live in America soon and we wanted to see where she grew up and what all the fuss was about.  :) In our journey to get there, we traveled by car, plane, train, and boat all on the same day!

And a quick night in Zurich, Switzerland to top it all off.

We did a bit of sightseeing and playing and had a nice relaxing week.  It makes us all want to go live in the countryside and live a relaxed peaceful happy life.  :)

A fast and full month.  I'll do a separate post for Germany since I have a ton of photos and excursions to tell about, like Monkey Mountain!! :)  Stay tuned....

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