Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweeeeennn...

Happy Halloween everyone.

I must say, France just doesn't get into the spirit of Halloween like the good ole' USA.  Soooo, thank goodness we live in Monaco and have Stars-n-Bars, the local American Diner/Bar.  We got as close as we could by going to their party....

Soooo cute!
Cotton Candy, it isn't a party without it!

Ghoulie musicians.
Even some "trick or treating."
Already digging in.
Yes, it's real!
Like mother like daughter, no fear.

Well, it isn't like the glorious Halloween of my childhood in a small town, or the fabulous decorated and festive streets of Hamilton Park in Jersey City, NJ, but fun was  had by all!  I'll bet Thanksgiving will be the next Stars-n-Bars event.  Yummy!

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