Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving....

This is my favorite holiday of the season and one that isn't celebrated in this country. Obviously.  But, I want to keep the tradition so we moved it to the Sunday after.  Grandpa came to join and we ate til we popped.  The only thing missing was pumpkin pie.  But J put in an order to an English shop in Antibes to deliver some Pumpkin Pie filling so we'll have it for Christmas.

On Saturday we took a quick trip to Italy's San Remo to get some wine and cheese and a few fun little Italian type nibbles we don't have on this side of the boarder.  Just a quick 20 minute ride and you're in a new country with a new language (oh dear).  So cool!

A bucket full of Gorgonzola!
She used a spoon to serve it for us. YUMMY!! :)
Thank goodness they use pictures too.  I'm still learning the first new language.
Villages perched on hills and along hillsides.

A walk though the port to make room for dessert.
Thank you ESPN America for showing my football.  Just like
a normal American Thanksgiving!

Now, there are American groups here that put on Thanksgiving dinners at a couple restaurants, but I wanted the homecooked meal at home.  I think it went over pretty well. :)

See you again next year.....

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