Sunday, March 17, 2013


So another school vacation came along and we decided to give snow a try.  T had mentioned he wanted to play in the snow and try his hand at skiing so we set about trying to find the perfect location for the whole family.

Well, J set out searching.  Five hours later he came upon an article an English mum had written about the woes of finding a good vacation place for a family with small kids.  The answer to her prayers....Kinder Hotels.  She and her family had happened upon the Sporthotel in Achensee, Austria, and had the perfect vacation.  We were sold and followed in their footsteps.

As the kids named it, we were off to "Snowland" to spend the week...

Lovely from the plane, got us a bit excited...
A ski champion in the making...
After one day on the bunny slope he got to go up on the mountain for class in the hotel's
 special area called...."Snowland"!!
I even got on the skis.  I had one lesson a day and rediscovered I really like skiing.
E and I went on a horse back ride through the local trails.
A little sledding outside the hotel.
Views from up on the mountain, just above the clouds.

Grandpa came along for the holiday and went on daily walks.
This is Achensee lake just down the road from the hotel.  It's super fun here in the summer too
and the hotel has a great summer program of swimming, horse back riding and golf. 

E tried her hand at skiing, but after two classes decided she liked the Kid's Club better. :)

At the end of the week, T had a ski competition.  Each group class competed against themselves.  In his group there were ten students...
The competition was held in the "Snowland" area.

He got second place!!!

A little practice. :)  E thinks next year she'll give it another try.
E and I headed up the mountain for some sledding.  They had a really fun path to sled
down zigzagging through the different ski paths.


The hotel was great.  You can take a peek at it here...

The staff were super nice and helpful, the food was yummy, the location perfect (landscape lovely and directly next to the ski lift), and totally kid friendly without feeling like Disney.  Meaning, while the kids had the run of the hotel and lots of kid areas, the adults still had more adult oriented areas to relax in too.  The hotel was all inclusive with ski lessons for the kids and the adults, food and regular drinks, and a kid's club for the kids to hang out in (supervised until 9pm) while the parents did their own thing.  There's also the requisite adult and kids pools and even a spa (which also does a spa day for the kids).  

Needless to say, we ate like kings, the kids were treated like princes and princesses, we learned a new sport, and had an awesome time.  We plan on making it a re-occurring vacation for a few years.  T and E already want to go back.  They even asked if we could move to Austria.  Sounds like it was a success! :)

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