Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The IPad Special...

I didn't know these IPads were so darn in demand.  Seems they sell out like hotcakes!

James and I decided to get an IPad, especially now that it has Skype, and figured we should pick one up in America since with the exchange rate it's about $200 less in cost.  But, when he called around to see if stores, Best Buy, Target, Apple, etc., had any, they all said no.  

Except...Apple knows in the morning at 7:30am if they got in any in a shipment.  Ends up it's like a hot concert ticket where people wait in line outside the store every morning to see if they're lucky enough to nab one.  

So, James gets in line at 6:30am and is already about number 20.  By 7:30 there are another 20 behind him.  The Apple employee comes out with the news.  No IPads with Verizon or At&T contracts, just WIFI without a contract in black or white.  So immediately half the people leave groaning, and the rest left standing end up all being foreigners.  Funny.  Cause in a way now we're foreigners too.

The Apple employee comes down the line and asks what James wants, you're allowed two only, and he says okay, two.  The store then opens special for these lined customers and the coolest thing happens.  (Okay, maybe cool to us cause we're old and not used to these new fad things)  James is now met by an employee holding his two IPads, she walks him over to a table, pulls out her IPhone and does the whole transaction with her phone.  Scans the boxes, then his credit card, he signs her phone with his finger, and she e-mails him the receipt.  Super cool.  Gotta love this "new age."

Now, we are officially a 5, yes I said 5, Apple family.  So that makes one for everyone, even Charlie.  I wonder if our stock went up?

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