Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ready, Set, Action.....

James has finally made it to Nice and my 3 and 1/2 weeks of "single mommy-ing" are over.  I bow to all the single parents out there!!  And of course as he arrives I jet off to Lyon to work on a shoot for a company that makes window shades, awnings, shutters, gates, you name it.

To help James out I hired him a "Daddy's helper" to mind the kids in the afternoon to evening.  Naomi is FABULOUS!  If I could, I'd keep her.  Need to book more jobs for that.....ok, goal is set!

Now....Ahhh, a week away to relax.  I mean, work.

I hopped a train to Lyon, a 4 and 1/2 hour journey and sat back while the beautiful coast and then countryside whisked away next to me. Landing in Lyon a lovely woman met me along with my print husband.  Surprise!!!  It's the same actor as the car commercial.  Ah, reunited once again!  Crazy, both my jobs in France have been with him!!

We headed to our hotel and the shiny vacation suddenly came to a screeching halt.  I walked into a combination of "The Birds" and "Friday the Thirteenth".  Needless to say I will NOT be recommending this hotel to ANYONE.  All night in my camper style room the sounds of the highway fought with the sounds of the crazy birds in the trees outside.  It's amazing I fell asleep.

Sitting on the toilet I can wash my face and my feet at the same time.

But, I did finally fall asleep, and the next morning was transported to a paradise.  The house we're filming in Wednesday till Friday is lovely.  It sits up on a hill and has a very modern but comfortable feel…as you can see.  When not shooting we all sit outside around the pool or table in the shade.  Maybe I should ask the owner if I could stay in their spare room. :)

And we get to work...

Beautiful all lit at night.

Next day we try a hair change....

For the model/actors, once again the work is the same as home, just in a different language.  So, I have to try a little harder to understand my direction and I spend less time gabbing between shooting. :)  The meals are different though.  We have more of a family style sit together type atmosphere and there are courses.  I must remember this so I don't fill up when a lovely cheese and then dessert is presented. And once again, they have beer or wine at meals.  Still, I didn't partake.

I have to admit, here in France I feel a bit like "Pretty Woman" sometimes.  In some situations the customs are a little different than ours and since I don't really understand all that is being said, I kind of watch and copy those around me. Like, waiting for everyone on this smaller set to sit all together before eating. Or...kissing hello and goodbye are big.  Sometimes even with people you're meeting for the first time.  (Maybe that's why the crime is so low.)  As such, I don't think I've made a complete fool out of myself, yet. :)

Moral...when in doubt, follow their lead.

Anyway, back to shooting….when the brochure and ads come out I'll post a few pics.

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