Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Candy Factory...

So J has been super busy with work and all of a sudden there was a break in activity, so we jumped into the car armed with Rick Steve's "Provence and the French Riviera 2010" book and picked a spot to drive to that wasn't too far away.  Well, given my family's sweet tooth, of course we drove straight to the Confiseries Florian candy factory in George du Loup.  

It ended up being quite a drive since you meander around the mountainous hills on two lane roads.  There are some absolutely beautiful views that I unfortunately couldn't catch with my camera as we speed along, no spots to stop and take pics. Along with being SUPER high up, some of the twists and turns don't have any barriers to keep you from taking the quick and very undesirable route to the bottom of the canyon.  I don't think I have any nails left!

I did catch these two cool sites, one... a house built literally into the rock wall, and two... how they cut into the rock wall to make the road.

It does show you how short the barrier to falling off the side is...

We finally got there and were eventually rewarded for our perseverance by sweets.

The candied-fruit factory also makes candies using flower petals like violets, jasmine and rose.  Everything they make is fruit or flower filled-even their chocolates and caramels.  I'm not a huge fan of the rose flavored things, but I do agree it's all quite exceptional otherwise.  

They have hard candies, jelly candies, chocolates, caramels, it just keeps going, even jams.  We took full advantage of the tastings in the store afterwards and filled a basket with goodies to take  home.  Not that much lasted all the way home!

A surprising thing about our trip...we took Charlie along.  I was sure he wouldn't be allowed in the factory and was prepared to hang outside with him.  But, think again.... So, if you have a candy from Florian and find a short little blond hair in it, Charlie sends his apologies.

The views are wonderful and there are lots of little towns along the way that we will visit at a later date.  There is also a waterfall, that supposedly makes you feel like you stopped off in Hawaii, somewhere farther up that we will venture to when we plan our outing for a little earlier in the day.  

Until then......

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