Sunday, July 31, 2011

He Speaks!!

So I decided to get T a French tutor for the summer.  3 days a week for 3 hours a day.  

I put an ad on and in came the responses.  We met with two very qualified and very lovely ladies and T chose the one he wanted to work with.  She really is fabulous.  They play games, do crafts, draw, paint, sing songs, work in workbooks, read books, you name it.  She speaks to him 90% in French and only uses English to reinforce something.  

Making a Bateau de Pirate...

Preparing to sail it in the sea...can you spot them?? :)  I took this from my balcony on zoom.

It's been two weeks and the other day she said that she finds he's really comprehending most everything and she uses English much less.   AANNNDD that same "other" day...T started spewing out things in French.  Of course, he isn't carrying on a conversation, but he said a couple sentences and phrases in the correct circumstance and even corrected himself.  He's also teaching Emm words here and there.  

As I see it, a successful endeavor.  By the end of August I think he'll be doing really well and ready for school.  Now it's my turn!

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