Friday, September 16, 2011

She Speaks....

So now that the kiddies are tucked back into school, I've started the long trek of learning the language.

We really liked the tutor who worked with T, so we kept her on to work with me.  She's also started with Grandpa and is doing some advanced work with J.  It's like she's our own personal French tutor.  

I've had two lessons already and am quite pleased with what I know.  And, overwhelmed with all that I do not.  This language is tough!!! 

Every lesson is an eye opener.  Today, for instance, I learned.....I told my agent that HE'S hot, not the weather, I called a dog owner's puppy a piece of poop, and I asked someone if they wanted to have an orgasm with me rather than did he want to play.  Now more educated, I'm thankfully he did not take me up on the offer. 

I'm looking forward to my lessons and being freer with communicating.  It can be soooo frustrating not being able to get a simple question or point across, let alone show someone my humor or intelligence.  I understand better what new immigrants struggling with English go through in America.  

Here's a little peek at some of the summer's tutoring.  T certainly improved his comprehension by leaps and even throws out some sentences of his own here and there. I wonder If I'll get to make fun craft projects too?

Making crepes... 
Making a cadeau for mommy...
Making the eye balls game... 
Tossing the eyeballs....
Wearing the eyeballs.  Gosh, who knew eyeballs were so fun and educational!
Bowling the plastic bottles.
Pick up that spare!
Don't think I get it this easy!  

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  1. I just adore you Shellee Nicols. This made me laugh out loud, loud!!!!!


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