Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Cours Saleya Food a minute

Since we've gotten back in the USA we've been buying our food from Fresh Direct.  They've got a pretty decent Organic foods section and since we saw "Food Inc" we've re-directed much of our eating habits. I do LOVE that America caters to those of us with little time or patience to do their "chores" through internet buying and home delivery (I'm a big sucker for browsing the Ann Taylor and Gap sites), but I do admit we REALLY miss going to the fresh food market. honor of the French and their version of the Farmer's Market, here is the next " a minute" video for your enjoyment. Yes, finally got something else edited. :)

Tuesday through Sunday until 1pm there is a food market in the Old Town of Nice in an area called the Cours Saleya.  It's a great experience and when you live here and go often you find you make friends with certain sellers and return to their stands each time.  It sure beats trying to get through the French version of the Super grocery store, Carrefour.  What a nightmare that can be.  And why do it if you can go to the market?

After the Market ends they turn the whole area into seating for the restaurants that line the streets there.  It's crazy how fast they turn it around!

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