Monday, March 7, 2011

The Plans....the glorious plans

Since returning back to the USA, James and I have gotten a chance to reflect on our 3 month "trial" of living in France. Do we dive in or do we alter our plans a bit?

Well, the lease renewal was slid under our door yesterday. We looked at each other, now confronted with HAVING to actually make the decision, and opted NOT to renew. OK, diving in, sink or swim. I'm not really nervous about it all cause I've come to the comforting idea that the USA will always be here for me if I/we want to return to it. Barring any horrible natural disaster that may sink it to the bottom of the ocean.

So, now married to our adventure, we sat down and hammered out our ideas of what our plans for living it would actually be....

1. Live in South of France, but maybe not Nice. I seem to be feeling I want something a bit smaller, more laid back. Antibes? Biot? Juan les Pins? Villefranche? So many options within kilometers of Nice.
Villefranche sur Mer
I think the small town Midwestern girl in me is starting to state her case. Since I was little I felt I was a city girl and have always felt at home in a big city. When I landed in NYC in 1992 I felt I was home. Even with an 8 year Chicago detour I couldn't wait to get back. LOVE the ease and accessibility a city offers.  It gives one independence to do what they want when they want. But... lately I've been craving a little more laid back environment and a big backyard for the kids to run around in while I sit at my table in the sun drinking coffee and reading the paper. Ok, most likely a gossip mag. :)
Villefranche sur Mer
2. For the winter months of December and January we run away from the cold to Miami or the Keys in Florida.  Nice is STILL a wee bit cooler than we want.  Sun-chasers we are.
Reasons: escape the cold-NONE of us likes the cold, get a dose of America so mommy is happy and the kids always have a good understanding of the comparison of USA to Europe, and friends and family can come visit easily and less expensively.
3. For one summer month, say the hottest month (sun-chasers we are but let's not go crazy), we take off and live in a different country each year.

We want to see the world and give our kids the fullest picture we can. And we're lucky because our jobs are very portable, OK James' more than mine, but if we save during the year we can feasibly do this.

We are excited by this plan. We are getting a bit giddy over it. Because of this we know we are making the right decision. Now, let's see if we can make it happen....

We invite you on our journey, the door is always open!!

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  1. Wow!! This is an incredible and courageous commitment!! After Connie, you'll be my second friends to travel the world semi-permanently!! CONGRATULATIONS!!


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