Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Jet-Set Life

Schedule for Monday February 28th.....

Breakfast in Nice, France

Lunch in Munich, Germany

Dinner in New York City.

Ahhh, such a life.  But considering it was in airports and on 14 hours of travel with no sleep, maybe not the life we all dream of. :)  Thank goodness the kids and the dog were in good spirits.  They kept themselves busy and even slept for a few hours.  Daddy got to work and mommy got to watch 4 whole movies only mildly interrupted.  So it all it turned out alright.  Luftansa is GREAT!

What 2 euros will buy, smiles for the kiddies

Entertainment in Nice airport

Plane change, waiting for the stroller in Munich

Unpacking in NYC
and off to bed.......

It's always such a good feeling to return to your home after a long vacation.  Even if we are building a home in a new place and this one will soon not be our home, it felt real good pulling up to the building and walking into our apartment.  We've been living the vacationer's life in other people's homes in Nice so it hasn't felt like OURS yet.  I look forward to having this feeling in France when we finally find our own apartment, furnish it our way, and make our permanent home there.

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