Friday, October 7, 2011

Hitting A Wall...

I've had a really crappy day today.  

Three drivers, one moto and two cars, gave me grief today on three different occasions.  I can't believe it, it was like I attracted ALL the crazies today!  All of them weren't my fault but they  ALL made it out as if it was and I couldn't stand my ground in French.  So, I felt overwhelmed and incompetent and thus came home in tears.  It's been a rough day. 

The moto was mad that he couldn't pass me-he followed me all the way home to tell me about it, the VW hit my car in the parking lot then got out and yelled at me which is when I could tell he had had WAY too much wine at lunch, and one cut me off by turning into my lane and then proceeded to block the garage exit to tell me off that he had the right of way.  I don't know in which country it's the car turning into on-going traffic that has the "right of way".  He even then got back out of his car further along the exit lane to yell at me for having my bright beams on, which I then showed him that I DIDN'T, which sent him back into his car and off he finally sped.  I guess that was my one shining/winning moment, but it all left me a bit woozy in the head and feeling like I don't want to live here..

But, that isn't the reality, it's just that I'm so good at communicating, especially in telling someone off, in my own language that I felt very incompetent today.  It was the factor of 3s that got me.  Three different occasions, three different people.  But it was all about cars and crazy drivers today, it figures in France.  Don't know what it was about me, or today, that attracted them, but there you go.

Some days it's just tough!

Off to England next week.   Thankfully, if I get in to a tiff I can tell them what I think about it! AND they'll understand!  :)

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