Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Wait...did I say it was scarf time???

Unlike what I'm used to in late September, early's what we've been doing with our free time in the last couple weeks.....

We spent the day at St. Laurent du Var at the beach, not the Beach Club this time. This part of the beach strip has this wet sandy area which looks like you wouldn't really want to set your camp there, but it's actually PERFECT for the kiddies since they have wet sand to build with.  My mommy friend and I didn't hear from our kids for about three hours straight! 

Then, this pair of swans decided to come hang out.  I'd never thought swans would be beach goers, but I am now educated on the fine tastes of this particular bird species.  Obviously they had reserved a space and found it unavailable when they arrived.  The one was pretty miffed and ranted all down the beach until it jumped back in and they swam back towards the airport (just there in the upper left corner of this pic, the upper right of the others).  Off to Spain I think.

We also joined a Meet Up group for ex-pats as well as French families who would like to mingle with English speakers.  I had thought it would be good for T over the summer to have some kids he could play with more freely.  We attended a BBQ at one of the family's house and they were so clever to hire someone to "play" with the kids.  She had face painting, games, and story time so the parents could freely chat.  Plus, their Villa in Nice had a lovely view from the yard.  

Then we attended a pizza/pool party at another member's house where E got to try her hand at driving a four wheeler.  She was the first in the pool too!

Needless to say....we're REALLY contemplating a house with a yard and a pool.  When asked which T and E would choose...our apartment in the city on the sea or a house with a yard and a pool....the house always wins.  Hmmmmmm.  If there's one thing we learned this summer, our kids LOVE pools and big yards to run in.  Charlie included!!

The next post may come late too as I'm currently neck deep in real estate magazines checking out the offers. :)

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