Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Recovery....

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered to get me out of the funk that the rude French drivers put me in.

I awoke Saturday with Friday's frustrations behind me and we got ourselves together to meet with the Meet Up group at a local farm, Graine-Ficelle.

It's not like your average American farm.  This farm is soooo very quaint, something right out of a magazine.  And they even do cooking classes and educational activities for kids on Wednesdays.  We think we may have to come back for cooking lessons and the Sunday brunch.

The farm is situated at the foot of this mountain/hill, just below St. Jennet, a little ancient town perched on the side of the mountain.  It was a great little visit and afterward the family drove up to St. Jeannet to see what is was all about.  WOW, I love these little towns!  Sooo beautiful.  There are these lovely cobble stone streets and old buildings.  We ate at a restaurant with a gorgeous view and hopped back into the car and was home in 20 minutes.  You can get out of the city and into another world so easily here.  Great when mommy needs a break from the city crazies. :)

It's perched there just above the yield sign and the trees...
A closer view...I love these old town that just hang onto the side of the mountain.

My flash was no match to the sun!

Then Sunday James piled us back into the car and we headed off to a Sugar and Chocolate event in Antibes.  YUMMY!  We checked out Fort Carre before the exhibition.  

Catching a bit of the soccer match before heading up to the Fort. 

The views are great!  That's Nice way over there.
Nice little nature trail to the Fort.
Watch out, pricklies!!

Once we made it to the Sugar and Chocolate thing it seemed the exhibit was a competition for sweets.  Some made out of cakes, some chocolate, and some pure sugar.  There were samples to be had and treats to buy while the entries slowly came out to the tables.  We spent all the euros I had in my purse. :)  

After all that sugar we headed to Juan le Pins to sit at a beach cafe and have some food while the kiddies played in the sand. I'd have even more pics but my battery ran out. :)

Friday?  What Friday???

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