Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to School Sale...

It's September, and that supplies lists.  And lucky me, it's in French.  

So, yesterday I spent the day roaming the aisles in Carrefour hoping the items I needed would just leap off the shelves into my cart so I wouldn't have to keep deciphering the list and asking every mom who looked nice enough what the heck each item was.   

A "porte-vue personnalisable" or a "chemise avec rabats"?  Help!  Well, after some hair pulling and a lot of asking, I finally filled my cart and headed home.  Now to label everything...some jobs are never done. :)  At least this year they informed me to buy pre-formed plastic covers for the books and notebooks so I didn't have to sit for hours making them out of plastic sheets like last year.  Thanks Monaco. :)

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