Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Lunch Truck is Closed for Lunch...

As we've been on our adventure a bit over a year now and have embarked on a new location, I thought it nice to reflect.  We've come a long way in language and coming to terms with the differences in customs and behaviors.  Ok, I'VE come a long way, the rest of the family seems to take it all in stride.

What I've learned...

  • The kids WILL learn the language, just give them time.
  • How to drive in France.  They have some crazy rules about who has priority and a serious lack of stop signs and street name signs.
  • Talking on the phone while driving is NOT allowed.  (thank you officer)
  • I'm supposed to be polite to the shopkeeper and say hello as I enter, but they DO NOT have to be polite to me, in any way whatsoever.
  • Coffee is EXPENSIVE, buy a great machine for your home. Coz there aren't really any take away places. Although a Starbucks has opened in the mall CAP 3000.  But it's too far for a daily visit.
  • Bread and cheese on a daily basis is NOT good for the lower half of my body.
  • Wine and champagne are CHEAP, have more dinner parties.
  • Take trips to London, Spain, or America if you need to get a dose of warm, friendly and considerate people. (The French aren't on the whole unkind, most just have a big wall of "not giving a crud about anyone else" that gets in the way of showing their sweet side.)*
  • People take their time in the grocery line, and any other line for that matter, just accept it and therefore don't feel pressured to hurry when it's my turn to bag my groceries.
  • Just about everything closes for lunch.  So if you need to do some errands during your lunch break, you most likely can't.  How does anyone get anything done around here???
  • When dining out, coffee comes at the end of the meal and the cheese plate comes BEFORE dessert.  Whatever.
*(do keep in mind that I'm in the South of France and the people can be very different from other areas of the country!)

With some of this knowledge tucked under my belt I look forward to seeing how the next year in Monaco goes.  From my experience so far, the lines are much shorter. :)

And by the way, we really did come across a pizza/food truck that was "closed for lunch".  Guess everyone needs a break to eat.  :)

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