Sunday, September 30, 2012

Working Girls...

Ahhh, another job has come my way.  And to make it even sweeter, E was also hired. We both worked on different days for Europcar.  She got to work all on her own and did a fantastic job.

E testing the twirl effect of her wardrobe.

Seems satisfied.

I have to admit I was a little worried as she can be a bit timid with strangers and there for awhile had not been happy with the photo shoot environment.  And when I say "not happy", I mean... screams of bloody murder when she saw a big camera set up.  That's all behind her, but the weariness with new people is still there.  But, the stylist won her over and took charge.

I know, funny huh?!?  Apparently they have 
a dress code for the set crew.

She was supposed to be in a car seat and sleeping on a blow up ball of the globe.  Funny enough, she actually did fall asleep in the position they wanted for the pic.  E tells me she got to have candy; I have to wonder just what candy the stylist was giving her coz I may have to get some of that magic sleeping candy.  :)

OK, in the car.  Fingers crossed...
Such a lovely place to spend a work day!
In the end they got what they wanted and there were no breakdowns.  You just never know with a three year old how it will go.  I admit, I was nervous.

Congrats little E!!!

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