Monday, February 7, 2011

It's a Dog's Life

Dogs have it good here in France cause the French LOVE their dogs.  I was at a nice restaurant the other night, a favorite of Elton John's so it's can't be too shabby, and sitting amongst the guests was a lovely older lady dining with her favorite companion.  Yep, her dog, who was sitting in a chair eating from his bowl which was sitting smack on the table.  The kicker is, children aren't allowed.
our little Charlie

You can take your dogs with you anywhere here.  Restaurants and cafes, the mall, to work (depending on your job), even the grocery store-provided you carry him/her.  Even if a sign on the door says 'No Dogs', you'll inevitably see someone with their dog blindly ignoring the rule and no one chasing them down to correct it.

Their favorite dog it seems, as I'll bet you can guess, is the miniature Yorkie.  I have of course seen a Poodle here and there as well as a Shitzu, the occasional French Bulldog, Chihuahua, a King Charles Spaniel, even a trio of Pugs.  The closest we've gotten to Charlie the Brussels Griffon was an adorable Affenpincher we met one day.  

The oddest sight I've seen so far is the huge Great Dane that lives around the corner. Charlie's not so quick to make friends with him.

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