Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dog Tales...

our little Charlie
Before we left for France we had to have Charlie checked out by a certified vet for his Medical Certificate, also known as the Pet Passport, and the vet pointed out that he REALLY needed his teeth cleaned.  So, once we got here and were settled, we made an appointment for him at a Vet clinic.

To our "used to being over priced for anything medical" surprise the visit cost us nothing.  Coz there was nothing wrong with him.  Are you serious?  No charge??  You don't need to charge me for blood tests, urine tests, fecal tests, an office visit, or a fee for simply touching him??  Nope!  In the US you can't get out of a healthy office visit for under $100; double that at minimum for a minor ailment. 

And then Charlie went in today for his cleaning and it was only 150 euros!!  ($210 US)  Compare that to the US where a cleaning is $400-500 at minimum.  The anestisia alone is $200.   

Watch out, I just might be encouraged to get another dog!!  It's such a deal!

And come to find out, the Doc told J that back when he was a kid there were Brussels Griffons everywhere in Nice.  This was a big breeding territory for them.  Now, you don't see them anywhere.  Until we came to town. :)  Bring on the Brussels Griffon Renaissance!!

Keeping watch on the neighborhood
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