Monday, June 20, 2011

Taylor as Tarzan...

Today I went with Taylor's class on their field trip to the Pitchoun Forest in Villeneuve Loubet, just outside of Nice.  This place is so fun!  They have three different parks, all having to do with the outdoors like climbing walkways between the trees, gliding down wires, going through mazes and other cool stuff that makes you remember your small town upbringing.  Ah, life before computers, when kids spent the summer climbing trees and making tree houses.

(We went to one of the other parks here, Le Bois des Lutins, in May with my friend and her daughter. You can read about it and see pics in this post.)

The kids wear harnesses and go through the course from tree to tree hooked to a wire, so if they lose their footing they don't fall to the ground. Smart! Too bad this one is only for 3-10 year olds.  Those wire glides look really fun.

So here are some pics of T doing his best Tarzan impression. :)

A quick lesson on how to hook on. 

Mastering the course.
Looks like he likes the glides too! Wheeeeeee
See you soon......

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