Friday, February 25, 2011

When wine is cheaper than water....

I just read the Facebook post of a friend in Arizona who said her day was full of drama.  Crazy, cause even all the way out here in France, so was mine.

It's funny, no matter where you are you have those days sometimes.  You'd think that if you went off to live in some amazingly awesome country you'd become immune to them...cause life is supposed to be amazing living there.  Well, not really.  No matter where you go one of those days when you are annoyed at anything and everything, and nothing seems to go right will pop up.

We're currently busy getting some official issues sorted and settling our things into the new apartment before we make our return to NYC to wrap up our lives there to then move it officially back here to France.  Whew, it just feels like the to-do list is so full.  So far this week: we got me my bank account, signed the lease on Grandpa's old apartment over to us -so now I have two of the important items on the "Titre de Sejour To-Do list", painted Grandpa's new apartment, put together all of his flat packed tables and closets, got Grandpa moved into his new apartment, and took in a bit of the Carnaval.  We still have to move ourselves to the new apartment, set up the husband's sound booth, get internet-phone-cable set up, and clean the old apartment.

Now with three days left before flying, the husband is sequestered in his booth half way through recording an audio book and I'm busy keeping the kids occupied while trying to pack the apartment to move it to the new one.  Well, I think this is all becoming more stressful than I think and it's making me grumpy. Or maybe it's the thought of returning to cold weather! So, after grouching at the husband in the morning, I decided to escape the house with the kids and hang out in the sun at a park.  I just said to myself, relax, it will get done, go have fun with the kids.  So I did.  (and in the end we did have some fun at the park)

But of course, since it's one of those days nothing was easy. I chose to try a new way to the park and after three uphill attempts at different streets I ended up on the usual one we take.  Now completely tired.  At the park the kids threw tantrums because I had the nerve to say we couldn't eat ice cream until after we had lunch, and then when we left the park and headed half way down the hill I realized we didn't have Taylor's outer jacket.  So we went back up the hill to find it, couldn't, and went home.  Darn it, now I have to buy him another one cause it will be cold in NY.  But of course, where do you think the coat ended up being???  Yes, in the closet at home.  We didn't even bring it to the park!  Then my head decided to ache so I get grumpy at the husband again.  Poor guy.  But since he is a lovely man underneath it all, he carted two suitcases I packed this morning full of stuff up the hill to the new place.  See, it will get done. :)

MORAL...on these days, always take the tried and tested route, everyone should eat ice cream FOR lunch, and once down the hill forget about the old blue jacket with the red paint on it and think of it as an excuse to go shopping.

Now, I sit with my feet up drinking a nice bottle of red and figure tomorrow I'll tackle the next two suitcases and the cleaning of the "old" apartment.

In a country where wine is cheaper than water, it's easy to drown away a day, or week, full of drama.  :)

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