Saturday, July 2, 2011

And The Search Goes On...

Today we saw an apartment along the Promenade des Anglais just outside the Old Town.  LOVED it!  It had everything we wanted.  All our boxes were ticked.  It even had an extra little sitting room perfect for the kids to use as a play area. It was touching the top of our budget, but since it had everything as well as being a perfect location, we didn't mind.  

View from the little balcony (big enough though for a small table and chairs)
We went to lunch, since all offices close down from 12-2, and decided...YES.  I went home with the kiddies, and at 2:01 J entered the Realtor's office to see how much blood they wanted to start the process.

And guess what the answer was....Loue! (rented)  OF COURSE it is.  Because as we've found out, they all are.  At least by the time they get around to talking to us or showing us.  Even more confusing/frustrating...we were supposedly the first to see it!!  And why didn't the girl who showed it to us tell us that they had a contract pending on it when we were viewing it and saying how perfect it was????? Another one of those, if you don't ask or if it's outside the box, the information isn't divulged.

J is starting to smell a rat, or at least feel one is surely present if you aren't French.  I was actually talking to a girl, a French girl who grew up here-so she's authentic, and she said she heard that sometimes the Realtor will say it's already rented just because of your accent.  ie...if you aren't French, you aren't renting here.  She went on to explain that they have lots of trouble kicking out people who don't pay the rent and so they become even more cautious if you aren't even French.

Her boyfriend then told me a story about a woman who found that two men had broken into her home while she was away on holiday and she fought for SEVEN YEARS to get them out.  Now I don't know how true the story is, but WHAT????  

So....the search goes on.  We have hopes of viewing an apartment building right on the water called La Reserve.  And we're fully expecting Sydney (the realtor who's been on vacation) to tell us on Monday, when she returns from holiday and gets back to renting all those apartments she's left sitting, to tell's LOUE´.

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