Monday, July 4, 2011

Could This Be The One....

So today the infamous Sydney returned to work and J made sure he had all his paperwork for an application ready and appeared on her doorstep at 9am.  He made an appointment to see the apartment we'd been waiting a week to see.  

At 2:30 we entered....La Reserve...

It's the whole top floor on this side of the building.  The building basically hangs off the cliff at the edge of the water.  The building has been around for forever and seems to be quite famous.  There's still a restaurant on the bottom level and I'm sure we'll frequent it if we live there.  Would make for an easy walk home! :)

Entry hall, two bedrooms to my immediate left-just behind me

Small sitting room area leads to one of the sun rooms (seaside)
Dining area leads out to bigger terrace 

Ahhh, finally a table big enough for company 
Second sun room (road side) would make a good spare bedroom/kid's playroom

A little back balcony from the bedrooms to one of the sun rooms

Sorry, didn't catch J at the best moment :)

Needless to say we handed her our dossier right at the dining table and await word....Fingers crossed!!

UPDATE:  And the verdict's LOUE´, but to us this time!!  :)

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