Friday, July 1, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions....Made.

Well, J and I had some decisions to make about schooling next year for T and E. After my not so pleasant day at the Terra Amata event, we had a sit down and weighed the options.  We have decided to keep T at the ABC School next year and put E into the half day program at Le Kids Club. 

(The Director's bad behavior wasn't the only reason!)

For Taylor it serves many purposes, a continuation of something familiar here as everything is still in flux and moving countries and languages must be a bit discombobulating (sp?), they have smaller classes so he won't get lost, and he knows the teachers and the kids.  

We decided to get him a French tutor for a few hours a few days a week over the summer to push his French language learning and I'll make some play dates with his school friends.  I find that when the kids are one on one they bond a bit better because they seem to just make it work, forget the language difference and get on with 
playing. Then their friendship in school is closer.  

For Emmerson, Le Kids Club has a half day "Pre-School program" with art, gym, music, dance, etc, so we signed her up.  She's gotten used to the environment and teachers at Le Kids Club while taking her two classes there so it will also be a familiar place for her.  AND she'll be immersed in French as well.  A big plus for us.

So there we go, a sigh of relief.  The kids decisions are done and mommy and daddy feel pretty good.  Now if we can just find an apartment we like we'll be set!

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