Thursday, December 15, 2011

S Nicols' Day

No, not a holiday you've never heard of, but rather "my" day of the year.  Yesterday, December 14th, was my birthday.  Since it's close to Christmas it's a great time to get a tree and decorate.  So, we popped some champagne, called in our German friend, her son, and Grandpa to join in, and had a fun eve.

Here's a picture diary for you....

The night before Emm and Daddy went to find a tree.  A job well done!
Mommy and T designing a star for the top.
T is clearly not in a picture taking mood!
And the decorating begins...

Emm showing G-Pa all the fun ornaments.

A Chantilly cake designed just for me by the baker.  He's never made one like this before and
I don't think he's ever come across someone who likes Chantilly like me!!  Ahhh, France!
The top is a burnt sugar piece.  Soooooooooo yummy!
I think they did a super job!
Now, while drinking a cafe from my new fab machine.... J presented me with my B-Day pressie and it's.......a weekend in PARIS!!  So, Saturday we all hop a plane to see Paris in all it's Christmas decorated glory.  Look out for the pics!

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