Monday, December 12, 2011

St Nicholas Day...

Ok, a little late in sharing, but on December 6th it was St Nicholas Day and our German friend introduced us to her yearly tradition.  The kids loved it!

Seems the idea is that St Nicholas and his partner the "bad guy" come to deliver a little pressie to all the kids who have been being good as an encouragement and a stick to those who haven't.  Also an encouragement, to change their behavior, I suspect.  Here's a pictorial and a giggling video for you to relive it with us......

The kids clean their shoes, place them outside with their letter to Santa, and wait....

We spent the time decorating a gingerbread house (a bit of a ramshackle house) and telling stories.  

Since gingerbread was the food theme, James told them the story of Hansel and Gretel.  

Then the kids heard a bang, must have been Santa taking off, and ran to see their shoes.


Ahhh, looks like everyone has been good this far.  I just love the magical belief kids have in Santa.  It never would occur to them that Mommy and Daddy had anything to do with the pressie giving.  Let's keep it our secret just a couple more years, this is way too fun.

What a great tradition!  Think we'll make it our yearly addition to the holiday season. :)

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