Monday, June 27, 2011

Apartment search #2....

So today we were lucky enough to get an appointment to see a place.  Since multiple people have to be called and schedules matched, it seems quite a feat to pull off an actual showing.

It was a truly lovely, bourgeois style apartment and very roomy, was 1750 Euros ($2450 US) but lacked any outdoor space.  And we REALLY want outdoor space.  Ideally a terrace or back yard big enough for all three children to play and mommy to sit, drink her coffee and read a magazine.  Ahhh, one can dream.  And poor Charlie is going through withdrawals from Grandpa's balcony in the Port.  Me too to be honest.  He/we would people watch all day long.  

Maybe we're crazy, but we said no to this fabulous apartment and the search continues. Why should we end the fun of searching so soon anyway???

Bedroom #1
The library between the bedrooms
That's it for the kitchen, in France you get a sink cabinet, and you supply the rest
Bedroom #2, Emm chose this one for herself
The library again

A screen shot of the living/dining room from a video I took
The building is just beautiful 

Now, things just don't run the way we're used to here in France.  Customer service and a real drive to work just doesn't seem to exist.  Like....we call about an apartment that's on the Internet and the woman on the phone says we can't see it.  Why?  The realtor is on holiday and won't be back for a week.  No one else can show it?  No.  So it sits there being advertised but not shown?  Yes. 

That isn't the first conversation we've experienced liek that.  Here's another... We're calling about the apartment on such and such a street.  It's louer (rented).  ...silence... Well, ummm, do you have anything else?  No.  Um...maybe you can take our number and call us if a 4P comes along? Well....okay.  (Sorry we intruded on your coffee break)

It's so mind boggling to us from a very customer service/go get em oriented country.  If what you're asking for isn't available, they fail to ask what your criteria is and suggest something else or put you on their list to call when ones does come around.  Neither J or I are used to this kind of business, or should I say lack there of.

AND, you have to deal with the whole fact that the country closes down from 12-2 for lunch.  It's a wonder anything gets done!  Guess we'll be up here on the hill for quite some time, better get used to it....sorry Charlie

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