Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7 Days and Counting...

Well, after many considerations of how we could magically transport our necessary belongings here to France without the WHOLE family flying again, it has been decided that indeed we all need to return to the good ole US of A for the month of March.  

Besides, I don't really trust James to pack the necessities but to rather throw it all out and claim a flash flood took it all. :)

And now, I've suddenly direct-booked two jobs in NYC that shoot the middle of the month and I REALLY want to get that other bunion chopped off so I can finally wear cute shoes.  I only have insurance until June 30th so better take advantage! Plus, my 90 day tourist visa runs out on the 28th and apparently getting work papers isn't as easy as we were led to believe. Hmmm.

So there you go, seven days 'til take off and so much to do.  Have to secure housing for when we return to France, make sure it has internet and phone for James to work, make sure T's school holds his place, get Grandpa securely situated in his new apartment -so we can then take his old one :), convince his landlord to put us on the lease, get a bank account for me, and get in some good sun before being thrust back into the cold NY March weather.

Oh, Nice sun, I miss you already!

See you soon NYCers.....

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I hope we get to see you, but no doubt you shall be quite busy! Direct Bookings from FRANCE! Amazing!


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