Friday, February 18, 2011

Date Night reignited...

There was a time when James and I would regularly go on "date night" to spend an evening just being together.  A romantic dinner, a movie and dessert, or just sitting at the local bar talking over drinks.  We spend a lot of time together at home since we don't work in offices but it's different spending time together away from the work/home environment.

So finally, after three years -we had to go all the way to France to do it- we adopted a babysitter and reinstated "date night". 
She's great and the kids love her.  As soon as she came in they lead her off to show her all their toys.  Woo hoo, success!! 

Mommy and Daddy were off to Old Town in search of Mussles.  Well, 3 hours flew by with non-stop talking and laughing.  We could actually get out full sentences and follow a real conversation. We felt that WE were important to each other. It was so wonderful that we immediately scheduled her for the next week.

We get so wrapped up in the day to day of getting by, that we forget how important it is to stay connected to our partner with time of our own.  Being out without the children allowed us to focus on each other, and remind us why we like each other.  You don't have to go all the way to France to start your weekly "date night", just make a plan and go. Although France sure makes it nice. :)

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