Friday, February 11, 2011

First Audition in France

Just when I was wondering what to do with myself...

The modeling agency I signed up with here in Nice has an office in Marseille.  The agent there texted me (seems to be the way they communicate for work here) and asked me to come to an audition for a car commercial to be shot there next week.  The casting director hadn't asked for me but she, the agent, liked my portfolio and thought I would be good for it.  I said, "You betcha!"  Figured if anything it would give me an opportunity to see what the process here is like.  

There wasn't any room in the cars of the other models going, so I had to take the train. (Wondering if everyone is afraid of being stuck with the American for 2 and a half hours.) When I got to the counter to buy my ticket, my credit card wouldn't work.  What??  And of course I didn't have enough cash with me to buy the ticket.  After spending a half hour on the phone with James who's other ear was on another phone to the bank, we still couldn't get it to work.  And for reasons no one can figure out!  Frrrrustratinnngg!

Well, after missing two trains during that ordeal I gave up and went home frustrated and feeling defeated.  Once at home I gathered myself, gave myself a pep talk, and back to the station I went.  Cash in hand!

I had armed myself with Mapquest directions and what local transit I needed to utilize, so once in Marseille I was off and running, no help needed.  Thankfully, cause my translator was staying home.

I got to the audition, wrote out my name card (had some trouble figuring out my height in centimeters) and sat and waited.  The casting people were alerted that I was coming so it felt nice to be greeted as if they knew me.  The casting director then told us as a group the specific direction to do, all in French.  Uuummmm.  He turned to me, the odd English speaker in the room, and asked if I got that.  Thankfully the direction was easy to follow (he used lots of hand gestures) so I said yes. 

Once my turn came around I went in to do my audition.  The casting director could actually speak English, so it was much easier than I thought it was going to be.  We chatted a bit, then I loved up the pretend car, thanked them kindly and was on my way. 

Well there you go, the audition process is the same as home.  Yeah.  I jumped back on a bus, then a tram, then the 2.5 hour train back to Nice.  Now I await to see if I get a callback...

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