Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carnaval de Nice

There are so many things that go on in Nice.  This weekend started the three week long 127th Carnaval.  Quite a spectacle and too much fun for everyone.  There are huge parades and activities and decorations everywhere.  We made it to the opening Flower Parade yesterday, where the floats are made of flowers and the girls throw them out to the audience. This week we'll go to the Floats parade, supposed to be some really amazing creations, and catch shows in the Fun Garden.  Stay tuned for those pics!  

There is so much to do and see, but there's never enough time to do it all.  Bummer.  Eat your heart out Macy's Parade.

These were pulled from the video so not the best day I'll make the video. :)

With an expression like this you know it's gonna be fun!

It's a crazy bicycle and two crazy cars, not the best angle to decipher, but had to show you.

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