Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Apartment Search....

OK, with the car bought we now have to find a suitable apartment for 4.5 people, gotta include Charlie, and a space for J to work.  Which means a three bedroom, and in France that means a 4 piece if they aren't counting the dining room.  Then, we really want a nice balcony, two bathrooms, and hopefully a kitchen with appliances already in it.  Yes, around here the appliances are owned by the renters, the cabinets too sometimes.  And they take them with them when they move out.  Can you believe it??

To add to the difficulty, in Nice anything over a 3p is very hard to come by. Especially in the summer as we're told-why? I don't know, but everyone says in Sept we should have more luck.  Well, we don't really want to stay up here in the shoebox on the hill for that long.  And on top of it most everything is sales.  People don't really seem to do a lot of renting here.

So, I sat on the Internet scouring websites for rentals and making a list.  A short list at that.  Then as J worked at grandpa's house I attempted to make some calls.  Hahahaha.  I found this awesome tool, Google Translate, and made myself a script to follow.  The trouble was, I kind of sounded like I knew what I was doing so then they'd ramble off in French and I was lost.  So, J had to make some calls once he got home.

Note: It seems here that you don't have one central MSL to search, you actually have to visit Agencies in the area(s) you like and several at that since they all have different listings.

Well, none of my search results were still available anyway.  So all my work and frustration was for nothing and I was now in the dumps.  I wanted to be able to show that I could actually get something done.  Helping my mood was a totally failed attempt at calling for a Pizza delivery while J was working which ended up with me waiting 2.5 hours for a fresh pizza-I won't bore you with the entire story.  In the end I had to have J call when he returned to rectify the ordeal.  Obviously they blamed it on the language difficulty.  Frustrating day!!

So tomorrow is scheduled as a pool day with my California friend and her daughter to relieve some of the tension. :)  

Thursday we'll continue the search with renewed energy and hopefully a better frame of mind.....

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