Monday, June 13, 2011

Lounging at the Beach....

Today was a bank holiday here in France so Taylor was out of school.  Since daddy had oodles of work to do I took the kiddies to the beach with my California friend and her daughter.

I aimed us straight for my new favorite place along the bus line (as our money transfer STILL hasn't gone through so we have yet to save our little car from the lot), the Beach club at St Laurent-du-Var.

We took advantage of renting beach chairs on their private beach, felt like such a luxury!  Out here on the East side of the coast you have mostly rocky beaches. If you want nice sandy beaches, you have to go West a few more towns.  So, many restaurants create their own private beaches by bringing in sand to create a little sandy oasis for anyone who wants to pay for it. :)

Here are some pics....

I have to say...I love living here! :)

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