Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To Do Lists......


1. Buy a car
2. Find a new apartment
3. Learn French

Now that J is back and we've relaxed a bit we've begun working on the "TO DO" List.

This week....buy a car.

Neither of us have owned a car for at least 10 years, so this should be interesting.  Let alone dealing with the French roads and rules!

We have a list of needs.  J wants an automatic with AC and power everything he can get.  I want 4 doors and room for three in the back seat with plenty of leg room.

J is in love with the Mercedes A Class but we're sticking with a budget of 8,000 euros. Unless we go to Germany to buy our car we probably won't be riding in one anytime soon.

So we looked up used car lots and decided to head there first to see a few different makers and sit in each to narrow down the field.  We also didn't know where to get insurance or what we needed to actually buy a car in a foreign country. We figured we get some info from the salesman.

So, we all jumped on a bus across town and landed at a big lot full of possibilities.

The kids had tons of fun on this adventure.  Hold on you two, those keys will be yours soon enough.
I thought the Fiat Punto had a snazzy enough interior and room in the back.
Even the bright blue exterior wasn't too bad.

Then the Renault Clio snuck in...watching them on the streets I wasn't much of a fan.

Ends up, I like the Renault Clio as well.

Both of these were in our price range, but lacked the one important thing on J's list...they were manuals.  It seems that only about 1 out of every 10 cars in France is an automatic.  Hmmm, seems like this will be a longer search than we thought.

Stay tuned......

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