Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Bright Side...

So after a difficult week, we decided to try and have some fun this weekend.  Thanks to the little orange car we did two outings.  

Saturday we drove to La Turbie, walked around the old narrow streets around the monument, Le Trophee d'Auguste, took a look at the views and had a lovely long lunch. It's a little tiny town HIGH up in the hills above Monaco. Practically a mini mountain. The drive up and down was a nail gripper...

The guard rails are only about 2 feet tall!

Obviously a height requirement for this part of town.

Ahhh, our new house in the hills. :)
Monaco from above.

Sunday, today, we spent the day at the Miami (a little nod to home) Beach Club in Monaco.  Rented a couple of beach chairs and treated ourselves... 

I don't think you could fit one more person on the beach!
When you live in Europe, go European. :)
Next thing you know I'll be topless.  (Hahahahaha, wait can't type, too busy laughing...)
Monaco's beaches have tiny pebbles so it's nicer than Nice's big stones, and not as messy as sand.  But, I'm still partial to sand, something about it says VACATION.  

So, when life gives you a beach chair and relax.  I think I'm ready to tackle the "to-do" list again on Monday!

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